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The extraordinary awakening of annabel jones

A feast of honesty and sophisticated drama with purpose. This waking up of a contemporary woman made this a book I couldn’t put down
— Constance Walsh


My Real Story

I had it all:  a successful television career, a handsome husband, a bright future.  When my life began falling apart, first my marriage, then my job, I visited psychics on the sly while reading every self-help book I could get my hands on.   

Visualise what you want!  I read.   So I did.  

Soon I was invited to live and work with a prince in his palace in Vienna.  It was a dream come true — until a tragic death turned my fairytale into a nightmare. Confused, I ran eyes wide-shut into a second marriage, only to wake up after an eye operation to discover I could see.  Really see.  

I was petrified of my femininity and unsure about sexuality.  For years I had told myself that it didn't matter, one day everything would sort itself out.  

And now the one day had arrived...

Every page reaches out to the reader with questions about their inner selves
— Christine Teubersen
A fascinating book. I read it in 24 hours
— Robert Barclay
It imparts as much spiritual knowledge as you are willing to take or let in
— Lori Miller

Questions and Answers

I dedicate my books to anyone who wants to change their lives, but doesn’t know how

Is what you write your real story or is it fiction?

I wrote my first book as fiction because I didn't have the courage to tell the real story.  However what most people think is fiction is real and vice-versa.   Mystery and magic occur on a daily basis, it's just that we've been taught to close our eyes and disbelieve whatever can't be understood by the rational mind.

Is The Extraordinary Awakening of Annabel Jones your story?  

No.  The premise of the story was real, but all the characters, apart from the cat, are fictional.  The Extraordinary Awakening of Annabel Jones is a new abridged and much better version of the original, entitled The Extraordinary Ordinary.  

Is Annabel Jones you?  

No.  Annabel has far more courage than I ever did.  

You mentioned you worked for years with a shaman who uses ayahuasca.    

Ayahuasca is a tool, not the destination.   Even though institutes like John Hopkins have performed clinical, double blind studies that confirm the therapeutic benefits of entheogens, this is still cutting edge therapy and Ayahuasca isn't for everyone.  Although journeywork with ayahuasca is the cornerstone of my spiritual teacher's wisdom, it's only a small part of her teachings.  The focus is consciously returning home to the body.  Everything else is a distraction.

And what about tantra?  

The first thing people think about when tantra is mentioned is Sting's comment about tantric sex.  Sex is only 10% of tantra, and in Buddhist Tantra there is no sex at all.  I come from a conservative traditional background so it's ironic that my path ended going into the dark feminine, first tantra, then shamanism, to find my way home.  They say God has a sense of humor, and all you need to do is read the black skid marks that I left behind me as I was dragged along my path to know it's true.  

Do you have other books published?  

The Inner Travel Guide was based upon my sixteen year apprenticeship with the contemporary shaman whose teachings have profoundly shaped how I see the world.  Carlos Castenada wrote about his training in shamanism with Don Juan in the bestseller series The Teachings of Don Juan.   My experience in the journey space makes me believe most of it was true.  However when I wrote the book I thought I was becoming a Don Juan.  Now I see I was a bumbling Carlos Castenada.  

Do you offer coaching?

Yes, I do offer coaching. Right now it is on an individual basis so please contact me.   I'll soon be podcasting about this subject.



An extraordinary series of Highland Balls with a difference that have left communities around the world reeling
— Scottish Field
Reeling in the Palazzio Vecchio's Hall of the 500 - a historic first in 300 years 

Reeling in the Palazzio Vecchio's Hall of the 500 - a historic first in 300 years 

Andrena is co-founder of a series of Highland Balls Abroad that have become a high profile biannual global phenomenon.  For the past decade, between two and six hundred of Scotland’s most prominent families and friends from seventeen different countries traveled to events in Vienna, Venice, Istanbul, Florence, Jodhpur and Jaipur in Rajasthan, India.  Scots in Oman! will take place in November 2018.

It was a dream of all dreams come true
The most amazing fairytale. It was the best holiday of my life
Truly breathtaking. A splendour that I shall always remember
From the book Scots in Italy! 

From the book Scots in Italy! 

The Da Vinci Code Tour

As your perception of the world begins to grow, so will you
— Conde Nast
Sarah la Kali, Black Madonna of Ste Marie de la Mer

Sarah la Kali, Black Madonna of Ste Marie de la Mer


This once-in-a-lifetime Conde Nast Explorer journey explores the deeper meaning of The Da Vinci Code

An amazing experience that will be remembered for a lifetime
It still feels like a dream. I know we will never forget those amazing days
This incredible adventure has changed my outlook on so many things


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